Monday, August 27, 2007

Watee anyone?

I was going to write about the importance of eating your vegetables, and how we've enjoyed the produce from our weekly Harvest Box.

But I'll have to save that for another post, because a change in plans this afternoon (my phone/conference call meeting got canceled) provided much better blog material when Kyra & I turned part of our backyard into a wading pool.

Now mind you, when we first started out, the plan was to bring a blanket for Mommy to sit in the shade, and a large roasting pan and some scooping & filling toys for Kyra. Nice Mommy was to fill the pan with water (watee, as she calls it) from the garden hose, and then Kyra would play happily while Mommy watched dryly from the blanket.

Yes, I know what all you seasoned parents out there are thinking, "What delusional planet does she live on? This is just a recipe for a good soaking of everything." I was thinking ahead, people! I brought out the special blanket that is especially for wet~~it has plastic on one side, so it keeps the moisture off your backside~~and I put the pan far enough away so as to avoid any leaks and splashes.

Well Kyra had other plans. She is still in that stage where she WANTS to spend time with me :-) so of course, there was no just sitting on the blanket & watching for this Mommy. She wanted me to hold the bucket while she poured the water into it. Then she took the measuring cup, which was full of grass-filled water, proceeded to take a drink from it--a little extra fiber never hurt anyone, right?, and the rest promptly went right down the front of her shirt.

Then because we're still perfecting our hand-eye coordination, while pouring yet more water, about 3 drops of it went into the designated cup, while the rest went right into my lap. Luckily it's warm out so I should dry quickly...

But we weren't finished yet. I had been "painting" my feet with a basting brush & some water, so Kyra decided to get her feet wet as well. Remember this is not a large body of water, so she's standing in this pan, and you can tell from the look on her face, that this is just not getting the job done. She looks at me, and says, "Sit!" I said, somewhat hesitantly, "Mommy sit?", like she expects me to sit in the pan??? She says, "No, Kissy sit"--her new name for herself, and plop, down she goes. Now she's sitting in her "homemade" wading pool, happy as a clam, pouring cup after cup of water over her legs & feet.

I, on the other hand, am thinking, "Great. Why didn't I think to bring some towels out? Now I'll have to carry a very wet child inside, because I can't leave her outside by herself". And I'm also wet, which I've found I don't have a lot of tolerance for, since I've become an adult--I don't know why--maybe something to explore in another post...

But everything worked out fine. When it was time to be done, I picked her up by what I call the Flying Superman hold, and went straight to the bathtub, where we cleaned off all her grass/mud. Then dry clothes for both of us, lunch and now she's down for a little quiet time before David gets home.

Enjoy the rest of your day!
Blessings, K~