Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It's been 13 years...

13 years ago today at this very time (1:30 PM), I was nervously adjusting my veil for the last time, guests were being serenaded by a wonderful brass quintet, I was making sure I didn't have to go to the bathroom--there's a very funny story to go along with that which I will NOT tell here, and I was trying not to pass out from my 40 lb dress in the 95 degree heat.

Yes, 13 years ago today, July 15
th 1995, David & I got married. The weather was very similar to today, sunny & hot, and the church's A/C was just not keeping up. That aside, we had a beautiful wedding held at the church I grew up in, and a great reception in their gym that we converted into a big garden, complete with fountain and gazebo!

Whenever I look at the pictures from that day, or watch the video, I see many things: excitement, nervousness, joy, laughter, a little weariness--our photographer took forever taking the pictures. But they also bring a little sadness, because in these past 13 years, several loved ones have passed away--my very special Grandma Cable, David's great aunt Dorothy, and some relationships & friendships that have not survived the passing of time.

On a good note, though, we've been blessed beyond what we could have ever expected: The birth of our beautiful daughter, Kyra; David has a good solid job; we live in a great house in a wonderful neighborhood, and best of all, we're still together :-)

David, thanks for being an awesome husband, daddy to Kyra, and most of all, my best friend! Here's to many, many more! k~

Monday, July 7, 2008

People say the funniest things and a Fence update

Overheard while riding the Max train:

"We sat there waiting in our car for a half hour, and we said to each other, 'This gas station has the worst service ever!' Then we remembered we were in Washington. Did we ever feel silly!"

Overheard while walking past a Fireworks stand:

Customer: "Oh cool! Little yellow ducks."
Vendor: "No, they don't explode."
Customer: "Too bad, I'm a Beavers' fan. I would have bought a whole case of them."
Vendor: "You're the 3rd person who's asked me that in the last 10 minutes."

As for the fence, he's still working on it, although our portion is done. We've yet to hear anything from our neighbors...Maybe they're waiting until the whole project is complete and the bill is presented? Will let you know.

Also will be posting some pictures from our recent day trip to the beach, our 4th of July, as well as some other random pictures soon. Stay tuned and stay cool!