Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It's been 13 years...

13 years ago today at this very time (1:30 PM), I was nervously adjusting my veil for the last time, guests were being serenaded by a wonderful brass quintet, I was making sure I didn't have to go to the bathroom--there's a very funny story to go along with that which I will NOT tell here, and I was trying not to pass out from my 40 lb dress in the 95 degree heat.

Yes, 13 years ago today, July 15
th 1995, David & I got married. The weather was very similar to today, sunny & hot, and the church's A/C was just not keeping up. That aside, we had a beautiful wedding held at the church I grew up in, and a great reception in their gym that we converted into a big garden, complete with fountain and gazebo!

Whenever I look at the pictures from that day, or watch the video, I see many things: excitement, nervousness, joy, laughter, a little weariness--our photographer took forever taking the pictures. But they also bring a little sadness, because in these past 13 years, several loved ones have passed away--my very special Grandma Cable, David's great aunt Dorothy, and some relationships & friendships that have not survived the passing of time.

On a good note, though, we've been blessed beyond what we could have ever expected: The birth of our beautiful daughter, Kyra; David has a good solid job; we live in a great house in a wonderful neighborhood, and best of all, we're still together :-)

David, thanks for being an awesome husband, daddy to Kyra, and most of all, my best friend! Here's to many, many more! k~


Melinda said...

Happy thirteenth! Ours was a hot 95 degree day, too! Someday, I would love to see your pictures!

Christine said...

I remember that day!!

Congrats to making it to lucky number 13. I was thinking of you today as this is my parents' anniversary as well.

Have fun celebrating!

Stephanie said...

happy anniversary!! xo

Laura said...

Happy Anniversary! Time flies, huh?