Thursday, August 9, 2007

Clash of the wills

This morning I see a glimpse of what life's going to be like for us in the next couple years. Here's the scenario:

Every morning I go into Kyra's room to get her out of her crib to eat breakfast. Well, this morning, she decided she wasn't going to get out of bed. Rather, it was a game: Can Mommy catch me before I run to the far-side of my crib? So after a couple rounds of chasing her around her crib, which isn't that big, mind you, I said, "Ok. I guess you don't want any blueberries or waffles". I thought I'd use the favorite food card, and she would just jump into my arms, blissfully excited to be heading to eat.

Wrong! She loved the idea of blueberries (or booberries, as she calls them), but when I'd go to pick her up, she'd either drop to a sitting position--have you ever tried to lift a child from a crib when they're sitting down?, or run to the opposite side of her crib, which rests up against a wall.

So I said, "I guess you don't want any blueberries or waffles. Mommy's going to go eat them all", thinking this would change her mind. Then I acted like I was going to leave the room. You would have thought the world was coming to an end for the ashes & sackcloth routine she proceeded to put on.

I came back into the room, and said, "Oh, so now you're hungry," and I held out my arms so I could pick her up. She looked at me, said, "Nope!", shook her head, and ran to the opposite side of her crib. So once again, I said, "Ok," and left the room. Moanings & wailings abounded. By this time, I had lost my fun & sunny natured "let's make it a fun game", and was just getting frustrated. It also doesn't help that I'm not a morning person, so needless to say my tolerance level in the mornings is pretty low.

The score is now Mommy 0, Kyra 2, except that Kyra is really on the losing end of this battle because her tummy is empty and I'm feeling like the worst mother in the world because it's now 9:30 and my child still hasn't had breakfast.

I decide to call in reinforcements, and call David at work to see if he has any magical spells up his sleeve. His "guy" response? "Make it a game!" Duh, I already tried that, and it didn't work.

So, now it's 10:45, Kyra still hasn't had breakfast, and I'm at a loss as to what to do. Any suggestions from the "seasoned" moms out there?

At this point, I've decided to let her have some quiet time--the old nap switcheroo from afternoon to morning, and then around lunchtime, I'll try again. She's bound to be ravenous then...

Seeing the 2s looming,


Laura said...

Welcome to self-identity and the "I can do it myself" phase! Good times in store for you...we've all been there but it's not fun to be in it! I first saw Caleb's "spunk" when he was 13 months old and REFUSED to drink out of a sippy cup - only the bottle. When I tool the bottle away cold turkey he refused to drink any liquids for one week straight (I made sure he was hydrated with the foods I gave him..don't worry). I knew we were in for it at that point...just think what that determination will help sweet Kyra accomplish someday..and such perseverance too!

Anonymous said...

Save yourself some angst: She will eat when she's hungry. No bad things will come from a few hours of not eating. I wasted thousands of hours of hand-wringing on that one.

Or, to quote my favorite author, you could threaten to "go get the stick with the nails in it."

OK. That was just to make you smile...