Monday, August 6, 2007

Summertime in Portland

I'm always looking for fun things to do around Portland, and on just about any weekend during the summer, our fair city is bursting with activities for young & old. In fact, one visit to Oregonlive, which is the Oregonian's online site, under the Entertainment/Events section, and you're sure to find at least one thing that strikes your fancy.

This last weekend, for instance, you could choose from the Mt Hood Jazz Festival, a Classic Car Cruise-In down near Troutdale, the Clark County Fair in Vancouver, or the 13th Annual Bones & Brew festival in the Pearl District.

Being lovers of good BBQ~~we even have a BBQ smoker in our backyard that was a housewarming gift from David's parents~~we thought we'd give the Bones & Brew a try. We also asked my parents to join us, as they're always up for good food, and they love any opportunity to love on Kyra :-)

The festival was set up between 15th and NW Flanders, and the wafting BBQ smell while trying to find a place to park was downright drool-worthy! We parked the car, and made our way up to the front gate. Actually, it wasn't so much of a gate, as just the end of the blocked-off street, so you were literally steps from the traffic that was driving by. Luckily they weren't going too fast--maybe it was the smell of MEAT that kept the speeds down :-)

Anyway, we paid the suggested $2 donation (which went to a good cause--the Oregon zoo), and proceeded to follow our noses. Near the front were all the food booths, with the big BBQ pits looming black & forboding. But oh, the smells! Then as you went further down the street, there were tables & chairs set up, where people were gathered, eating and laughing. Finally as you turned the block, there was the long tent where the beer could be bought. Down the other direction was the entertainment stage, and when it wasn't occupied, a local rock station was filling the down time with music.

We finally made our decision, and chose some brisket & pulled pork from one of the vendors. Then came the task of finding an empty table & chairs. But people were very friendly, and like the seating at McMenamins, we shared a table with some other people, and it was great! The pictures below were taken there:

Where's mine?

"More, please!"
(said Miss Movie Star, in Mommy's sunglasses)

After the BBQ, came the Italian Ice chaser (strawberry-kiwi), and then a much-needed walk! We also had some extra time because the car was in a 3-hr meter, so we decided to enjoy the beautiful evening, and explore the Pearl District.

I'd heard rumors of how amazing the fountain in Jameson Square was, and it turned out to be only blocks from the festival. Unfortunately, we/Kyra weren't dressed for wading, but has that ever stopped a kid? And the Super Mommy that I am, we did have a change of clothes in the diaper bag, for times just like these--although to be honest, they're more for blow-out emergencies, but anyway.

At first, Kyra wasn't sure what to think about all the people, and especially the water. In fact, as I was holding on to her hand, she was literally pulling me AWAY from the water. Then she saw the other kids running and splashing, up and around all the different levels of blocks, and she got her feet in, and that was it. Now we're doing the Toddler Crouch/Squat, to get a closer look at the running water, with our dress taking a nice dunking. Oh well, it was a warm day, and again, change of clothes. And then it was time to leave, and guess who didn't want to leave now. Below is our dip in the Jameson fountain, during a break in the water cycle--I know, not too exciting--just looks like a bunch of rocks:

All in all, it was a great day, and we got to see another part of this wonderful city we call home.

Blessings friends!


Stephanie said...

I can't wail until Evelyn is old enough to go and have fun in a fountain! Glad you got to have some fun family time. ~Stephanie