Friday, December 29, 2006


Since I have a little time before Kyra's birthday cake comes out of the oven (She is 1 today!!!), I thought I'd get caught up from my last post--warning, long post as we have several days' activities to cover.

My birthday on the 23rd was great, in spite of turning another year older :(

I was awakened by our beautiful little girl, who was holding a gift in her hands, and saying, "Mama". She could have come empty-handed, and I still couldn't have asked for a better birthday gift!! Anyway, it turned out to be a travel mug, so I can transport my much-needed Starbucks.

And speaking of Starbucks, my parents pulled off
the gift coup by locating 2 giant bottles of real Starbucks Valencia syrup, AND I got an espresso machine. So I now I can make my own Mocha Valencias. BWHA HAHAHAHA!!

The Birthday festivities then continued that evening when David took me to Caprial's Bistro in Westmoreland for my Birthday dinner. We ate so much, they had to roll us out of there. But it was sooooo delicious.

Sunday the 24th came, and we went to the 9am Christmas Eve service at SPC. The music was wonderful, Macy McKenney was too cute for words, and the candlelighting breathtaking as usual. As tears were streaming down my face, I realized this was the first Christmas in a very long time that I was crying for JOY, and not grieving for the one thing I wanted more than anything--to be a parent. Our God is SO good!!!!!

That evening we had my parents over for Christmas dinner, a new tradition for us, as in the past we've always had Christmas Eve dinner at their house. We decided to have it at our house this year, so Kyra could go to bed if necessary. David fixed a Beef Tenderloin that was to die for, and I made glazed carrots, an amazing risotto with fennel and mushrooms, and homemade dinner rolls. Dessert was Christmas cookies, which was just fine, because no one had much room left.

After eating, we read the Christmas story, although we lacked the great illustrations from Sunset's version. Then we opened all the gifts. Kyra made out like a bandit. I was surprised, though. I was expecting her to be more interested in the wrapping and bows, than the gifts, as that's what everyone had been telling us. Not our daughter! The more it lit up, or made music/noise, the better! Forget the boring wrapping paper.

We gave my dad the Apples to Apples game that has become THE game in the Worship & Creative Arts department, so of course we had to play. I won quite handily, and it was pretty fun, although I think it would be more so, with more people--it was just the 4 of us.

The next morning, Christmas Day, we opened our presents to each other, and Kyra got more TOYS. Then we went over to David's parents for Christmas dinner, and yet more for Kyra. David's folks also got us the neatest gift, an annual Zoo pass! Kyra loves the zoo, and it will be fun to have play dates there when the weather gets nicer.

Which brings us to today. Kyra's 1st Birthday :) Right now the birthday girl is napping, so we are trying to take advantage of that and get some things done, like wrapping her birthday gifts--MORE toys, and decorating her cake. Tonight is her party, with our families. Menu: Garlic Jim's pizza and Ladybug cake--homemade I might add, and most likely MORE toys. I will post pictures later--you know, the inevitable "face covered with cake" pictures.

Blessings to you all, and Have a Very Happy New Year~~


Jay said...

I challenge you to Apples to will go down.

JClay said...

If you want to beat Jay in Apples to Apples, just make sure he has to do everything in accent.

And with the whole best Christmas present ever... I'm totally with you, sister! I'm so happy for you, you don't even know!

Jocelyn said...

What a great post! I'm so happy for you and your family!

Apples to Apples is da bomb - I gave it to Heather and Chris for Christmas! I smell a Worship & Creative Arts Apples to Apples competition in the air!

Happy New Year!