Sunday, December 10, 2006

Blog Bites

Have you ever been in a conversation or situation, and something happens, and your response is, "I feel a Blog coming on!" or "Wow, I need to Blog about that."? Then you have been bitten by the Blog Bug, my friend.

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This happened to me yesterday. My husband and I had just gone to Starbucks, where I was told they no longer served my absolute favorite drink in the whole world, the Mocha Valencia--something about not selling enough of them to keep the syrup from going bad in the requisite 30-day-period. If you never got the chance to experience one, they were like a Chocolate Orange in a cup!!

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Anyway, as I settled for my second choice, the Peppermint Mocha, and was mourning the end of an era, my husband said, "That's okay. Orange syrup is orange syrup. You can always go somewhere else. They're all the same."

In that split second, I was bitten by the Bug! I said to my husband,"You are going in my Blog! Would you care to repeat that so that I make sure to quote you correctly?"

Orange syrup is NOT orange syrup. I don't care what anyone says. I've tried orange mochas at other coffee places, and they are NOT the same. In fact, most of them taste like someone dipped an orange Otter Pop in coffee! EWWW!!

I guess from now on, I'll have to find a new Starbucks favorite, and just buy out all the Chocolate oranges this Christmas for my year-round Orange Mocha fix :)

Blessings, K~


Jos said...

I totally can relate! While I was in the middle of my flat tire drama, the words "this will be a great blog" escaped my lips!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE chocolate/orange in any form - especially the chocolate oranges at Christmas! How very sad about you mocha valencias... I'd write a letter of protest.

JClay said...

Um... that's why I blog so much. Because I'm that person that thinks my whole life is blogworthy. Every moment is a funny, insightful, hurtful, loving, blah blah blah moment.

I'm sorry your drink has been discontinued. It's like when my favorite lipstick shade discontinued... I just stopped wearing lipstick all together. It has saved me a lot of money!

Jay said...

love the blog bug bit....

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