Tuesday, December 19, 2006

525,600 minutes x 30-something....

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I've decided that I'm not having a birthday this year. In our house, we'll just go from the 22nd of December, straight to the 24th, and skip right over the 23rd. That way I won't turn another year older. In fact, I think birthdays should just be for the under-21 crowd. After all, they're the only ones I know who actually look forward to getting older. The rest of us just seem to put up with them as an a Fact of Life, like Change and Taxes.

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As it seems birthdays are inevitable, I've decided to adopt the approach to aging that I learned from a wonderful woman I met recently in a retirement home. (Speaking of retirement homes, you should read Matt's take on them and be sure to read the comments!)

I was attending a great Christmas concert at Cornell Estates, put on by the JuST trio, three very talented musicians who attend Sunset Pres. Afterwards, many of the residents, who had been encouraged to dress up in their Christmas finery, as the concert was part of their Holiday party, came forward to thank them for coming. One lady, in particular, looked absolutely stunning, in a purple and green silk jacket and pantsuit.

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I complimented her on her beautiful jacket, and she said, "Well, it keeps me feeling young." I said, "That's very important." She then said, with a twinkle in her eye, "Especially when you're 91." I said, "You're kidding me. You can't be 91," as she didn't look a day over 70. She said, "Well, if it helps, everyone says I'm really immature!!" Then she said she needed to go as her friends were waiting for her :)

What a great attitude! So I guess if I have to have another birthday, I hope I can choose to be as full of life as this lovely woman was.

Blessings, K~