Monday, January 1, 2007

What would you do?

Christmas is the season for Giving, and with that in mind, it's inevitable you will be faced with the following scenario:

You receive a gift from a well-meaning person. Unfortunately:

  1. it isn't what you asked for.
  2. you have no use for it.
  3. it's awful.
How do you proceed? Assume you won't see this person on a daily basis, and most likely they will ask you how you liked your gift by phone, instead of in-person.

By the way, this is purely a hypothetical question, and has no reflection on any gifts we received this year~~just curious what my fellow bloggers think....

Blessings, K~

Background "Music": Mystery Men (for the 1000th time)!!


JClay said...

Exchange it, re-gift it, or give it away. SERIOUSLY... it'll just sit there unused when someone else could be using it.

Dave Stewart said...

Have to agree with Jenni.

My brother in law gave me a nice long-sleeved technical running shirt, a $25 Borders gift card and... a web cam.

A web cam? What was he thinking? My wife's theory is that he got it as a gift, and he just re-gifted it to me.

There are probably plenty of people who could use this and appreciate it a lot more than me. (anybody reading this want it?)


Jos said...

I'm on a new kick of getting rid of crap that is taking up space and not being used. We received a gift ("Scene It - Friends Addition)... I haven't watched Friends since 1998. Needless to say, I returned it and am now sporting a sassy little wristlet!

On the other hand, my grandma gave me something, that while it isn't really my taste, I know she was thinking about me when she got it, so it will get pardoned - in case she comes over... at which time I will dig it out for display. It's all about not huring someone's feelings.

dt said...

I'm definitely in the re-gift camp. As far as the response--something generic and non-offensive. And Stewart--I'll take the webcam (it must be worth something on e-bay). Tilma