Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Idol Pastimes

I just got finished watching tonight's American Idol, and I have to say, that show never ceases to amaze me.

I started watching faithfully in Season 2, although I kept that fact pretty quiet when in conversations~~At the time, it was right up there with admitting you were a Soap Opera Fan!

Right from the beginning, I loved Clay Aiken, and when it came time to the shows where you could vote, I would try to vote at least once for him. I still think he got robbed, but check out his
career now--by the way, what ever happened to RUBEN??!?!

Season 3 was the season of Fantasia, the single mom, versus Diana DeGarmo, the high school sweetheart. By the way, did you know that Diana's uncle, Eddie DeGarmo, was one half of DeGarmo & Key, the very successful Christian group of the 80s, who was also the first Christian group to have a video on MTV?

Anyway, along with practically everyone in America, I was stunned when Jennifer Hudson was voted off before some of the lesser talented individuals. But now look at her! Golden Globe winner, and also just announced today, Oscar nominee for Best Supporting Actress. Way to hang in there, Jennifer! Other favorites of mine that year were George Huff and the redheaded young crooner, John Stevens.

Season 4 it was the battle of Carrie Underwood, Simon Cowell's favorite pretty much from the beginning, and Bo Bice. My favorite that year, was Anthony Federov. Not only was he an amazing singer, but his story of recovering from a tracheotomy was truly a miracle.

Season 5 last year was again filled with some outstanding and some not-so-outstanding singers. One fairly decent singer, Melissa McGhee, caught my attention, because every time I saw her, I could swear it was our own Janet Fraser!!! Take a look below at pictures of both of them, and try to tell me they aren't twins separated at birth...



Another equally spooky set of "twins" from Season 5 could be these two:

Chris Daughtry

Matt Singley

As everyone knows, Taylor Hicks went on to claim the title, and continues to make the South proud with his Soul Patrol.

Now, to this year, Season 6, and the real reason for this post. Tonight was a continuation of the multi-city auditions, and they were in the city of Memphis, home of Elvis & B.B. King. Most of the singers they showed were really, really bad. I mean, do these people have no dignity? And their true character comes out when they don't make it, and they make some choice remark and/or gesture to the camera. Really nice, people!! One guy in particular was extremely tasteless. Apparently his wife had recently left him, and he was a little bitter, to say the least. Instead of taking it in stride, he called her some nasty name, right on national television, which was of course, bleeped. Then Simon congratulated the man for publicly humiliating his soon-to-be ex. What's up with that?

The night was saved, however, by a true gentleman, and a not-bad singer either. His name was Philip, I believe, and he admitted he was a little tired because his wife had awakened him at 4am with a phone call, saying she'd just delivered their 3rd daughter. I was all ready to jump down his throat for not being there for his wife, and then Simon asked him what would mean more to him, being the American Idol or his daughter. He said, "It's no contest. My daughter of course!" As I cheered out loud, Simon, in typical fashion, said, "Wow, that's ridiculous" or some equally appalling comment. And one of the closing scenes showed him with his newborn daughter, and let me tell you, I was tearing up!!

So Simon, I hope this guy makes it, if for no other reason than to show that Family is what counts at the end of the day. Not fame, not fortune, nothing is as important as Family. So with that, I'm going to go and hug mine.

Blessings, K~


Margo said...


I am a huge fan of American Idol and I'm a mom, too! My favorite contestants are Anthony Fedorov and Clay Aiken. I also like Carrie, Constantine, Jessica and Nadia. Can you tell that 4th season was my favorite?

My kids -- ages 12 and 15 -- think I'm a little nuts, but they have accompanied me and my husband to two American Idol concerts. We went to the shows for 2nd and 4th seasons.

If you are interested in hearing more performances from Anthony Fedorov and/or talking with some of his fans, the fan club site is: www.anthonyfanclub.com. Hope to see you there!

Matt Singley said...

LOL...you crack me up! The BIG different is that I can't carry a tune in a bucket. Seriously, ask anyone.

I'm loving this season, I think it's the most I've ever watched AI. Sheesh, maybe I'm a FAN now...

JClay said...

I love AI.

My favorite was the melodramatic girl that said, "Simon... you don't understand!!!" OMG!!! Dying!