Sunday, January 7, 2007

To go, or not to go...

This morning, as I was on the way to church, I confess: I broke the law.

I was sitting at this particular stoplight, which is notorious for being difficult to trigger from a certain direction, and I was chomping at the bit, because I was also running late.

I waited while everyone else got to go, and my light stayed Red. After the second cycle, when I still hadn't gotten to go, I looked left, looked right, saw that no one was coming, and no one was behind me, and shot through the intersection--My luck, that would have been the time my car chose to stall....

Anyway, half expecting a police car to materialize out of thin air, I pealed into the church parking lot, caught major air on the driveway (which is hard on the underside of the car, by the way), and breathed a sigh of relief.

Imagine having to explain to a police officer the reason I felt it was okay to go, was because I was running late for church! Not the best way to honor God or get ready to worship!!

It turned out I really wasn't that late, and one or two more minutes probably wouldn't have made a difference, but it got me thinking: Is there ever a situation where it's okay to break the law? And what kind of example am I setting for my daughter? Or for others who might be watching?

Your thoughts....

Blessings, K~


JClay said...

Um... I speed and run THAT EXACT LIGHT quite often. I'm not saying it's OKAY, but I do it.

I think that there are times it's okay to break the law, but only when lives are in danger. For example... if there was a baby locked in an unknown, abandonned car, I would TOTALLY break in.

That's just what I'd do. Call me a criminal.