Monday, September 8, 2008

Precious Prayer

When you have your first child, you're so overwhelmed with pure joy, you think your heart is going to burst out of your chest. And you think, "Nothing can beat this!"

Well this week our dear daughter succeeded in catapulting me right past Joy to, "I can't speak, I'm so overwhelmed."

I'm one of those people who unfortunately gets pretty bad headaches on a fairly regular basis---the joys of being a girl. And although I have prescription medication for them, it makes me so loopy, I try to avoid taking it, unless I absolutely have to. Usually I just take 2 Tylenol & a caffeine appetizer, and I'm good.

The other night, though, I had waited too long to take any pain medication, so my headache was really bad. I mean, like really bad, I think I'm having a stroke, bad! So I crawled into bed, turned all the lights off, put a cool washcloth on my forehead, and tried not to throw up--sometimes I get a double whammy as the headache makes me sick to my stomach as well.

David had already read to Kyra, and normally after that, I tuck her into bed, pray with her, and then sing to her. From my bed, I apologized profusely to her, and said I couldn't, because I was feeling so lousy. Then I said to her, "You know what would make Mommy feel better? If you would pray for her."

Now up until this point, every other time we've asked her if she wants to pray, whether at dinner or otherwise, she's said, "You pray." This time, she must have sensed a Holy Spirit poke, because all of a sudden I hear this little voice, saying, "Jesus help Mommy as she doesn't feel good." And then she went on to pray for a bunch of other things, most of which I couldn't hear from where I was.

Needless to say, I was completely choked up, and I kid you not, my headache went away immediately!!! Now it could have been that the additional 2 Advil I took finally were kicking in, but I choose to believe God honored the prayers of our sweet daughter.

And the best thing was, the next day I got to tell her, "You know it was so cool when you prayed for Mommy last night. Jesus loves it when we pray for other people, and ask for His help." Her response? "Yeah!"

Thanking God for this sweet moment,


Stephanie said...

tears are flowing here!! how precious!! what a sweet girl you have!!

hope you are headache free for a while!!


Jenni Clayville said...

How awesome is that!?!

Thanks for sharing that!!!

Laura said...

So precious...those are the moments life is made of! Blessings to you...and miss you, friend!

Melinda said...

What a memory-marker experience!