Monday, September 22, 2008

Manzanita & Mom 2008

I just realized when I was pulling some other pictures from our cameras today, that I had never posted about my Mom's Annual Birthday celebration at the beach, and since it's an annual pilgrimage, we need to document it properly :-). By the way, click here for last year's trip--I can't believe how much Kyra has changed!!!

Every year my Mom likes to go to the beach for her birthday, as it's one of her favorite places in the whole world to be. This year the plan was to spend a whole week at some friends' house in Cannon Beach, the week of her birthday.

Unfortunately, that didn't happen as we were thrown the huge curve ball with my sister's cancer diagnosis around the same time. But Mom still needed to feel the sand between her toes, so we decided on a day trip instead. It was also supposed to be really hot in town, so a trip to the cooler coast was especially desired.

Mom, Dad, Kyra & I drove out to my favorite Oregon beach, Manzanita--where we also spent Mom's birthday last year, and had a fabulous time. The morning was a little cool, and we began to think we would never see the sun. It was also really windy, so sweatshirts were our friends.

After eating a nice picnic lunch that Mom had packed, the sun finally came out, and it was down right balmy :-) Kyra had a blast playing in the sand, Mommy rested on the blanket, and Grandma & Grandpa relaxed and read. Then about 4 o'clock, I realized I couldn't take any more sun, and thought it might be nice to start packing up, and thinking about where we wanted to go for dinner.

We ended up driving up the coast to Cannon Beach, where we ate at Moe's, right on the beach. Then after a nice stroll on the sand, we headed home. All in all, it was a very nice day...not what we had expected for this year's birthday celebration, but nevertheless, nice.

Here are some pictures from that day:

Grandma & Kyra
playing in the sand

Grandpa taking pictures

Sweet Kyra

Grandma & Kyra
(with Grandpa looking on)

Happy times,