Monday, June 9, 2008

Back from the Desert (literally!)

Lest you think I'd fallen off the planet as it's been over a month since my last post, rest assured: We're fine :-) It's just that up until this last week, we've had the same old, same old, with nothing really exciting to report.

But now I can write about our recent family getaway to Sunriver! We decided this year to not take a big trip for several reasons: Kyra's 2 1/2, $$$, we went to Hawaii last year, Kyra's 2 1/2, $$$$, do I need to go on? Instead we chose to vacation locally, within driving distance --although this was before gasoline hit over $4 a gallon--EEK!

After looking on Craigslist, we found a nice 2 bed/2 bath house for rent in Sunriver for only $99 a night--a real bargain :-) I admit, I was a little worried, as we'd never rented a house in Sunriver before, but thought if it was absolutely horrible, we could always stay with my sister who lives in Redmond.

Also being early June, we weren't sure exactly what to expect weather-wise, but we crossed our fingers and hoped for warm sun--the house came with pool passes after all :-)

On our drive over, we took Santiam Pass, and encountered SNOW at the top of the pass, which was funny at the time, but was actually a preview of the weather to come :-( As one TV weather forecaster said while we were there, "We're having unseasonably cold weather this time of year. Tonight's low will be below freezing." Below freezing!?!? But being that we are Oregonians, you learn early on that you can't let the weather dictate your mood or what you do. You just adjust your wardrobe accordingly. And that's what we did, including a little unplanned stop at the REI in Bend, as David had forgotten a warm coat...

All in all, I'd have to say this was one of the most fun family vacations we've taken, and now I'll leave you with some pictures of our trip:

Day 1:
See-sawing with Daddy at
Fort Rock Park

Day 2:
The Old Mill District in Bend
to buy a coat

Day 3:
Feeding the fish
Fall River Fish Hatchery

Day 3:
Hanging out with Daddy
Deschutes River

Day 3:
Look Mommy, a pine cone!
Can I keep it?

Day 3:
Down by the Deschutes River
with Mommy

Day 3:
Yes, that's snow on the ground in June

Day 3:
Cascade Lakes Hwy.
Guess we're turning around...

Day 4:
Cousin Tatum's Birthday party

Day 4:
Snuggling with Grandma A
after a long day

Day 5:
Enjoying the Sun (finally!)
Lava Cast Forest

Day 5:
Benham Falls Bridge

Day 5:
The Princess

So there you have it. I promise to not go so long between posts next time, even if I have to write about ho hum things :-)

Happy Monday friends~


Stephanie said...

Glad you had a nice time. By the way.. I like to read about "ho hum things".. it makes me realize I'm not the only one with not a whole lot going on most of the time! :)

Great pics, too!


Melinda said...

It sounds like it was nice, in spite of the cold weather!

Laura said...

glad to see you back!! Missed you! :) When were you there? I think we were there at the same time!