Tuesday, May 6, 2008

May Day & Marigolds

This year I decided Kyra & I would start a new tradition in our family and make May Day Baskets. May Day also happened to fall on a Thursday, which is typically Play Date Day for our MOMs group, so we asked one of the other moms in our MOMs group & her daughters (ages 4 & 18 months) to join us.

As neither of us wanted the expense or mess of using real flowers, we decided to go to Michaels and buy silk flowers instead. We also found these really cute little galvanized watering cans, so I'll admit we changed up the "basket" idea a little bit :-)

Anyone who has tried to do a craft with young ones knows they do a little and you do all of the rest. But that was okay, because the cutting of wire-stemmed flowers was a challenge even for me--I have the war wound to prove it where my scissors slipped and cut off half my fingernail--OUCH!

Anyway, with the baskets put together, we gathered up all the girls, and the fun began. At our first stop, my neighbor saw us through their kitchen window so we weren't able to do the delivery properly--ring the doorbell, and run. But he was very grateful, none the less.

The other neighbor's house was more successful, in that we were able to ring the doorbell, grab the girls' hands, and shout, "RUN!" as we dashed around the corner. The looks on the girls' faces were priceless. And the neighbor was beyond excited. She said we made her day :-)

Then our friends went home and Kyra & I delivered our last two baskets, one to each Grandma. Below are those precious moments:

Flowers for Grandma H

Flowers for Grandma A

We also discovered this really brought out Kyra's love of real flowers, plus all the flowers are blooming now as it's Spring. So last weekend we went out to this great nursery, Farmington Gardens and brought home some marigolds for her to plant. Below are some snapshots of she and Daddy planting these.

I do it, Daddy!

Look, Mommy! A worm!

Dirt: the new conditioner

All in all, we're very happy for the sun to be "back on", as Kyra says, and we're looking forward to the warmer, drier days ahead.

Happy Tuesday friends,