Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Taking Recalls a little too far, me thinks

It seems like every week the news is reporting that another item or items are being recalled because they are dangerous, etc. Now don't get me wrong. I think it's great that they care about protecting the public, especially if it's tainted meat or lead-drenched toys. But the one that came out recently I think is going a little overboard (see below):

Dreyer's Grand Ice Cream voluntarily recalled 90 cartons of its Dreyer's Slow Churned Light Caramel Delight ice cream and Slow Churned Light Butter Pecan ice cream because they may contain pecans not identified on the label.

The potentially affected 1.75-quart cartons were distributed to grocery stores in Oregon and three other Western states.

The affected cartons have the code "Best If Purchased By 09/11/08 049-32" printed on their bottoms.

Consumers who have purchased the ice cream with the code should call Dreyer's for a full refund.

I'm sorry, but if someone intentionally buys BUTTER PECAN ice cream, regardless if Pecans are listed in the ingredients list, the company should not be held responsible or feel like they have to issue a recall. Maybe with the other flavor, Caramel Delight, because it's not obvious if it contains nuts from the title. But the name of the ice cream is Butter Pecan. It would make more sense to issue a recall if it DIDN'T have pecans, false advertising and all.

It's sad when our society has gotten so "sue-happy" that companies feel they need to put out a recall for something like this.

Happy Wednesday friends!


Melinda said...

I agree! Consumer warnings are the same way. For example:

On label of petroleum jelly,"Not a food product. Do not ingest."

Excuse me? Might someone spread this jelly on toast?