Saturday, September 8, 2007

Slime shooters anyone?

Some of you may already know this, but it was a not-so-nice revelation for us, and I thought I'd share, to save you from the same fate.

Like most kids, Kyra loves bath time, and often is accompanied by so many toys, she can hardly move around in the tub. One of the toys she really likes is actually a set of rubber animals, that when you fill them with water, they squirt a stream of water about a foot or so. They also come in their own mesh storage bag so you can drip dry & "drain" them. This is a great concept, and like I said before, Kyra loves them.

However, last night we found out that they're not so good in the draining department. Even when you think you've squeezed every last drop out of them, before putting them away, they still seem to be able to maintain a little left inside. And as water does, when it gets to puddle up with its friends, a little light & warmth, a new friend emerges: mildew, or in this case, a nasty brownish-green slime.

And then unsuspecting parent takes slime-filled rubber toy, fills it with water, and proceeds to squirt brown/green slime all over her child. As we're not guest celebrities on Nickelodeon, the slime-shooters had to go, straight into the nearest garbage can. Of course, we had to wait until Kyra wasn't looking. Otherwise, all you-know-what would have broken loose, as we had some nerve throwing away her precious toys!

There you have it. And now that I think about it, I suspect this phenomenon doesn't limit itself to just bath toys. So unless you're wanting to add this element to your water fights, I'd check your water pistols & guns before you start. Otherwise, you may find yourself pretty unpopular, pretty quick.

Happy Saturday, friends~


Melinda said...

You slimed Kyra?
No one was filming?
Yes, yes, it IS disgusting . . .
and funny . . . in a retrospect kind of way.
I have no idea how we managed to miss out on that discovery!

Anonymous said...

OK. I'm assuming they're way in the garbage by now, but you can suck & squirt, suck & squirt, suck & squirt with strong bleach water (then rinse like crazy) and that gets them in pretty good shape again. -Karen