Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Just a little Kindness...

Kyra & I went to Costco today--it seems we go every week now, as we are always running out of something, and never all at once...Grrr!

Anyway, today was without our faithful companion, my dear mom :-(, as she's still cruisin' Europe. Often times if I know we need to go to Costco, I'll call my mom & see if she also needs to go. That way we can save gasoline, which is good for the old environment, and I just like having her along--the company's great, and she's also a big help with Kyra.

So, I'm pulling into the parking lot, someone steals the spot I was heading for, which was right by the cart return--again Grrr!, and I end up parking near the door, but not near any cart returns. You moms out there will know what I'm talking about--the value of parking next to the cart returns~~less walking for the child, or less carrying of said child, the better.

We drop a small fortune at Costco, and then make our way out to the car. Normally, at this point, my Mom would take Kyra out of the cart, and get her situated in her car seat, while I unloaded the cart & then returned it to the cart return place.

As we're flying solo today, I start by resting the cart up against the back of the car as we were parked on a slight incline, and then put Kyra in her seat. I then left Kyra's door open so she wouldn't roast to death, and started unloading all the stuff into the back of the car. Costco has not helped me today, as I asked for boxes for all of the "loose" stuff, and they gave me 1 box, count it, 1! Plus, Kyra's Pack & Play was still in the back from Sunday at Grandma's, and the stroller, too, so there's not a lot of spare room.

But I'm doing okay, and just about to grab the last thing from the cart, when I must have bumped the cart the wrong way, because it started rolling backwards into the lane behind me. I quickly grabbed it, before either it or myself got hit, and put the last thing in the back.

Just at that moment, an older gentleman who was heading into Costco came up to me and said, "Can I take that cart back for you?". I sighed with relief, and said, "Thank you so much. I was just going to ask if you would." I don't normally do that, but I figured if I looked pathetic enough, maybe someone would take pity on me...

I got into the car, and before I backed out, I looked towards the store. The kind gentleman who had helped me, went way above & beyond, because he did exactly what he said: he took the cart back for me. I fully expected him to just take it as his, and go on into the store. Instead, he returned it to the cart area, and then proceeded to grab one of the flatbed carts for his purchases.

He had no need for my cart. He just recognized my need for some help, and acted on it, in a very unselfish way.

Who says there aren't decent people still left in the world?

Feeling very grateful,


Melinda said...

Nice and upbeat post! One small gesture can go a long way!