Thursday, November 30, 2006

First Blood

No, I'm not talking about the Sly Stallone movie.

Today, while Kyra was at Grandma's house, she leaned against their coffee table, which is actually an old, refinished trunk that's just at her height, and tried to reach for something that was on the other side--like she's doing in the picture below.

This time, however, we weren't watching her as closely as my sister did :( She lost her balance, and down she went.

Her face collided with the edge of the table, and as you can imagine, there was the requisite 30 seconds of silence, followed by a loud cry. Then more silence as she gathered her wailing voice, and then this tremendous crying jag. As this is not the first time she's gotten a Boo-Boo, I picked her up, snuggled her, and tried to reassure her it was okay, like always.

Then my mom noticed the BLOOD on her chin. Da Da Da DUH!!! By the way, we've been very lucky & gone 11 months without any blood appearances, other than the occasional scratch from too-long fingernails, but today that streak was broken. So, Grandma got the washcloth with ice cube, and I tried to see where the blood was coming from. There were no obvious signs, like a split lip, or bump on her chin, and there wasn't any way she was gonna let us look in her mouth.

We finally decided she'd probably just bit the inside of her lip, and will live to see another day! It's still hard to see them get hurt, though. But this is yet another part of parenting, and as David said, "When you walk, you're gonna fall sometimes. It's part of learning to walk and part of life". How true!!


JClay said...

That must have been tough to watch. I remember when Chance fell head first into the CORNER of the coffee table and produced a goose-egg the size of Texas on his forehead.

I know the feeling. Helpless... ugh!