Monday, November 20, 2006

Disco is NOT dead, Disco is LIFE!

I thought that might get your attention :) That quote is from one of David & I's (well, mostly David's) favorite movies, "Mystery Men", which is a spoof on Superheroes, and quite funny.

Anyway, Tony, the character who says it, gets very upset when the main villain, Casanova Frankenstein, who's been in prison for the last several years, tells him it must be hard for him that Disco is dead, since it was his whole life.

Although Hollywood is poking fun at the 70's and all things Disco, there's a lot of truth in how big a part music plays in our lives, and who we are. In fact, I just got finished reading a great article in the December issue of Parents magazine about the importance of introducing children to music. They say there's no documented proof that music will make your child smarter--so much for the Baby Einstein/Classical music theory!, but they will definitely be happier.

Speaking of music, anyone that knows us, knows we are a musical family. David played the tuba in high school, and I've played the piano since before I could walk. My parents actually have a picture of me reaching up to the keyboard, and I must not have been more than 9 or 10 months old.

And now our 11 month old daughter, Kyra, has joined the ranks of music lovers. She has a floor gym that plays music if you jiggle the overhead supports, and wouldn't you know it, when it stops, she goes over and shakes it to start it playing again. AND, if it's not a song she likes, she'll shake it until it plays one she does! Already a discriminating consumer at 11 months :) She also loves to dance, and like her mommy, has discovered the piano. So, I just had to take this picture of her reaching for the keys, like I did, so many years ago.

David also took a video of a "duet" she & I did, but youtube isn't cooperating, so oh well. Enough for now.


Jay said...

I LOVE MYSTERY MEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Allison McKenney said...

Believe it or not, I've NEVER seen the movie!

I have a picture of Macy at the same age playing the piano!:)Hopefully you can post the video soon, and then you'll have to let me know how to add video.

Kristin said...


I actually got the video link on Youtube to work, finally, but after a day or so, decided to take it (the video) off their site. It was nothing that anyone did as a result of it being posted there, but I just had one of those weird feelings that I needed to not have it up there--I can't explain it.

Anyway, as far as adding video, all I did was make a link to my video page on their site. I know Jenni C & Matt S have actually figured out how to post the video itself, but maybe that's the difference between Blogger and Typepad....

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