Monday, August 11, 2008

We're now officially parents!

It started Saturday afternoon after lunch. I was getting Kyra ready for her nap and I said to David, "Wow, she feels really warm to me". She hadn't been acting sick, but David had come home from work the day before, feeling just rotten and running a slight fever. So I took her temperature, and it was 100.2. Although this isn't a very high fever, it still meant we pulled out the Tylenol, and started pushing the liquids.

Saturday progressed and she still spiked a fever without the medicine. So I kept the Tylenol & the fluids coming, and gave her a bath that night, hoping it would cool her down a little--plus she really likes her baths. Unfortunately the deluge of fluids meant she was up every couple of hours after going to bed, saying, "I'm wet". At least we knew that system was working...

Sunday morning came, and she was still really warm. By this time, she wanted nothing to do with just plain water, so we got creative and made applesauce popsicles, which turned out to be super easy--just take an empty ice tray, fill each spot with applesauce, put a popsicle stick in each one (you can use toothpicks through plastic wrap if your child is old enough to handle toothpicks), and then freeze. Instant yumminess!

By Sunday night, without medicine, her fever jumped to 103.2. That was it, I was calling the on-call doc. Her recommendation was to take her to the ER, since she wasn't really acting sick, but the fever was fairly high, which sounded to her like a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI).

We got in the car, and drove her to Providence St. Vincent's ER, crossing our fingers that they weren't slammed. When we arrived, they looked fairly busy, but apparently they don't mess around when it comes to kids. Within 20 minutes of our arrival, we were back in a room, and talking to a nurse.

Their plan was to get a sample so they could check for the UTI, and they asked if we could get her to go potty. Unfortunately, we're in the middle of potty training, and we've yet to master "going by request", especially on a big potty without our potty seat. So, the only other alternative was to catheterize her--NOT FUN for anyone!

She did very well, although she burst into tears as soon as they started, as did her mommy. There's just something about when your kids are scared, or in pain, that tears you open like nothing else.

Afterwards, we waited for what seemed like forever, although it was a pretty short time in ER waiting time, until the doctor came with the results. He said there was no preliminary evidence of a UTI, and she probably had the nasty flu virus that's been going around. Keep pushing the fluids and the Tylenol, and she should be better in a couple days. We then took her home, and all fell into our beds, exhausted.

This morning she woke up after sleeping through the night, and she was as cool as a cucumber--Yeah! Now I know mornings tend to be the cool time, and afternoons/evenings are when fevers can rise, but I was happy that she was cooler. We spent the morning watching Finding Nemo, and drinking more fluids. Then I leaned over to her, and felt her back--uh oh, it's only 10 am, and she's warm! Temp--102.2. Ok, more Tylenol.

Now we've eaten lunch, had some Jello---thanks to Grandma's run to the store for Children's Motrin, popsicles, and jello, and she's down for her nap. Did you know that you can alternate Motrin & Tylenol, since they are handled by two different organs, the kidneys & the liver? We learned that last night. In fact, the nurse said to start with the Motrin, as it gives more bang for your buck (i.e. lasts longer), and then if the fever still spikes, while on the Motrin, you can give the Tylenol, without having to wait. Cool, huh?

So now we just need to let time do its thing, while laying low. And pray that I don't get it!

Happy Monday friends!


Melinda said...

How is she doing today?

Laura said...

Fevers are no fun...sounds like you're doing all the right things too (including the crying at the ER...SO been there!). We'll be praying she's back to normal soon!