Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Grump pa pum pum

A very wise woman once told me all kids go through behavior cycles--3 weeks of being angels, 3 weeks of you-know-whats :-) In other words, if your child is testing your patience, just give them a little time, and they should work it out...

I don't know if it's our current stormy, gray weather--I think Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) can affect kids too, or if it's getting ready to turn 2, or the hustle/bustle of this crazy season--probably all of the above. But at our house, a certain someone under 4 ft tall is really trying her hardest to make the Naughty side of Santa's list.

I'm sure you seasoned Moms out there are nodding your heads, and saying, "Welcome to parenting a 2-yr-old, dear. And if you think these days are fun, wait until she's 3!"

I know it also doesn't help that there are a 100 more things now around the house that are "No touch. Just look with your eyes."

And how could we forget my personal favorite stressor: How to make everyone happy by spending the maximum amount of time together, with the least amount of drama/chaos getting to & from there", all in the span of a couple weeks. It also doesn't help that this Mama must have been taking a nap when the Gift of Hospitality was being handed out, so the idea of "having everyone over to our house"--my dear husband's solution--just further complicates things.

So how do we Enjoy this Christmas season, not just Survive it? And no, consuming lots and lots of Christmas Cheer (think rum or Bailey's), is not the answer I was looking for :-)

Any suggestions?


Christine said...

If anyone comes up with something grand...let me know. I haven' figured it out either.

Jenni said...

That's tough. We're in the same world.

This year... we didn't do a tree and put up VERY little decorations. I figured we'd put them back up next year when he understood the "no touch" thing a bit better.

That took a little bit of the stressor out :)

I wish I had more to tell you to help.

Stephanie said...

Hang in there, Kristin... I am sure you are doing a GREAT job with Kyra during this phase. Remember.... it IS just a phase and she hopefully won't be a grumpy pants for long!!Bailey's might not be such a bad idea after all! :)

Merry Christmas, friend!