Thursday, October 4, 2007

Magic Meatloaf Part Deux

Dinner is over. The meatloaf has been sampled. The vote: 1 for, 2 against.

David thought it was great!!!, and promptly served up a thick slice between two pieces of bread, slices of cheddar cheese and a huge dollop of yellow mustard.

Kyra & I, on the other hand, thought it left a lot to be desired. I tried mine with more ketchup, as it seemed a little dry. Not a big improvement. Kyra took a couple bites, and that was it for her.
We finished up with an old favorite, Mac & Cheese.

So, if you like meatloaf, you'll like this recipe. If not, I apologize and promise I'll post something really yummy next week, like another dessert :-)



Melinda said...

John is a huge meatloaf fan, too! The rest of us: not so much. Maybe we should put the husbands together for dinner and the rest of us share something else! ;o)

I like you ground turkey alternative, good idea!