Friday, July 6, 2007

Fourth of July Fun with the Fam!

Ahh, the 4th of July. A time to celebrate with fireworks, family and good food! And this year, amazingly enough, NO RAIN!

I can't tell you how many times I've worn a ski parka, or dodged the raindrops, while tilting my umbrella up and down, to see the fireworks show.

But this year's 4th was warm & sunny, and it seemed like our whole neighborhood was out on the common green space to enjoy the great weather, and time outdoors.

In addition, David's grandparents, who live in Florida, came out for a visit, with their sole goal to meet Miss Kyra :-) This being great BBQ weather, we invited everyone over to our house for a BBQ party~~David threw 2 chickens & some Baby-back ribs in the smoker, and of course, I made my now-famous cheesecake.

The following Tuesday, the 3rd, we went over to David's folks' for another BBQ, this time a fish-fry, gobbling up the fish we'd caught on our trip to the Snake River--Yummmy! The picture below is from that evening:

from L to R: David's Grandma, David, Kyra, David's Mom & his Grandpa

The next day, the 4th, we went over to my parents' house for yet another BBQ, this time with hamburgers, hot dogs, and tons of yummy desserts, including another of my cheesecakes, which every last piece of, was devoured. Speaking of my cheesecake, I made it in a larger pan this time (10"), and though it made a shorter cake, it didn't crack! It was absolutely beautiful--I should have taken a picture of it, as this is the first time I've had one that hasn't. Oh well.

Kyra looked absolutely adorable in her Oshkosh red,white and blue denim dress that I've been waiting all year for her to be able to wear. Although she was sweating like crazy because she had to wear a T-shirt underneath for modesty, you know! But it didn't seem to slow her down, because she wanted to walk all over the green space to say hello to all the people who were having their own parties, even if we didn't know them--my girl, the social butterfly! This actually turned out to be a good thing, because she was so exhausted from all that walking, by bedtime, she was practically begging to go to her bed, and wasn't fazed by the loud fireworks one bit.

Well I've been talking about how cute Kyra was, so I'll leave you with some pictures of our 4th, as well as some Kyra sprinkler time in the backyard. Enjoy!

Blessings friends, K~


Katie said...

The Red, White, and Blue dress, that was one of my Favorites, She looks so cute Kristen. Glad to hear that you had a good 4th.

Laura said...

Looks like you had a great time with your guests! Cute..cute..cute..lovin' the girl clothes...little bit jealous of that!

Melinda said...

Your little social butterfly would make anyone's day brighter, just to have her flutter by and say, "Hi!"

It is sad that it is not as socially acceptable to flutter and chat with people we do not know, as we get older. We might be a much happier culture if that was not a stage that we outgrow.