Saturday, June 16, 2007

Strawberries, Safeway & Starbucks

It's June in the Northwest, and that means it's Strawberry Season! And one of my favorite ways to eat said strawberries is to make Homemade Ben & Jerry's Fresh Strawberry ice cream.

So today, when we received our Harvest Box from the Farmers' Market, and there were 3 pint-sized containers of strawberries, my first thought after eating several handfuls, was "We need ice cream!"

Unfortunately, there was no heavy whipping cream in the fridge, so off I went to the Safeway down the street.

I went back to the dairy section, and what?!?!? There's no heavy whipping cream to be found. They have 3 full long rows dedicated to it, and every single one was empty. There was plenty of half-and-half, but when you're making homemade ice cream, it's just not the same! Yes, it's better for the waistline, but come on.

I resolutely picked up my carton of half-and-half, and went up to the cash register to pay for it. While there, I casually mentioned they were completely out of heavy whipping cream. She said, "Let me have someone check in the back for you. You know, it's been a busy day/weekend with parties, Father's Day, etc." The guy she located said, "You see that Starbucks over there? That's the busiest one in a grocery store, in the whole state of Oregon. And they use our whipping cream for all of their drinks."

If you know anything about Starbucks, you know, that in general, they go through a whole lot of whipping cream! And combine that with a heavy celebratory weekend, and there you have it. They also said they may get more on the next delivery. At 3AM tomorrow morning!!

Obviously that did not fit into my plan, so I bought my lighter fat cream, and plan to thoroughly enjoy my ice cream anyway! Starbucks, I curse thee! Just kidding! I'm still a fan! :-)

Blessings, friends and Happy Father's Day to all you dads out there! K~