Friday, March 30, 2007

Breakfast, Take 2

Our quest to find the best breakfast place in town continues :)

Last Saturday, we decided to try the Biscuits Cafe near Costco in Aloha, as we hadn't gone there in a while, and the line to be seated was literally out the door...Next!

After driving around, with stomachs growling, and grousing about the apparent lack of decent breakfast places, we remembered Rose's Restaurant and Bakery, at the Streets of Tanasbourne, serves breakfast on the weekends. We're there! And who didn't go to Rose's after church on Sundays for brunch, with their huge Cinnamon Roll French toast?? We practically grew up there :)

With this in mind, we walked in, and yea! No line to be seated! Furthermore, most of the tables were empty, so maybe they would be quick with the food if they weren't super-busy??

We were seated at a nice big booth by the window, and coffee, and a big glass of milk for Kyra soon followed. Once we decided what we wanted, as there were many, many choices, we ordered, and then the wait began. And we waited. And we waited--Not as long as the Miller Family Pig & Pancake fiasco, but long enough!

Finally our food came, with no apology for the delay from our server :( I mean, the place was empty....maybe they had to raise the chickens to lay the eggs?

My breakfast was quite large, though, with 3 generous-sized pancakes, which were very good--almost sweet-tasting. David didn't care for his hash, however. Actually what he said was, "It's good, it's just not $8.95 good. Now their Reuben sandwiches are definitely worth that." And amazingly enough, I looked over and saw someone EATING one of said-Reubens at 10 in the morning!!! Oh well, to each his own.

All in all, I would have to say Rose's is a good place to go if you're in the mood for a leisurely breakfast, and are hungry. But I wouldn't give it the "best breakfast in town" award. So, the search is still on. Maybe tomorrow morning......

Blessings, K~


Anonymous said...

I love breakfast too...especially french toast. My favorite place is in Mexico...let me know if you'd like a friend to go with you and sample their amazing frenchtoast!